Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 23 Months Ella!

Happy 23 Months Ella!

Wow, I never knew how much fun it would be to have a toddler! Every day you make me smile and laugh, and I'm constantly surprised by what comes out of your mouth or what you do. Your personality beams strongly - until having you I didn't realize how unique and amazing an almost-two-year-old could be!


You continue to test us by throwing fits and whining at times to get your way (or so you think anyways!). We've started putting you in the corner for a minute to re-focus you to quit throwing the fit, and it is really funny how quickly you can turn the tears off. :) Most of the time you get to the corner, and almost immediately start signing and saying "finished! finished!"

Your communication skills continue to flourish, and I truly love that I feel like we are starting to have some real conversations.  You are putting together many phrases now. For example, if you need help with something in a different room you might say, "Mama, help. Come here." Although you've been saying "I love you" and "Good morning" for a little while now, the way you say those two phrases really makes me smile. Such a sweet voice and tone when you say those things!  You started singing last month, but this month you've really gotten into it. You favorite songs right now are "Frosty the Snowman" and "Roll the Gospel Chariot Along."

You are also incredibly observant. For instance, you will say "shh" to Troy because we do that when we are trying to calm him down. You've also started saying "Troy burp" if he's crying a lot. I guess you've noticed that we'll say something along the lines of "Troy needs to burp." You've also learned to "burp" your dolls or monkey. 

It may sound strange, but I love putting you to bed or getting you up in the morning. Our bedtime routine, although nothing special, is special. You are so sweet and precious!

We've started to notice recently that when you get tired, you don't really get cranky or sleepy. Instead you get crazy wild and energetic! It is pretty funny to watch you turn circles and go crazy when you get tired. It is a good cue for us to put you to bed! :)

You continue to show genuine love for Troy. I wish I could bottle up the moments when you interact with him. Sometimes you'll show him your toy or other times you'll insist on giving him a kiss before bed. You even asked for Troy to give you a kiss when you hurt yourself one day.

Favorite foods: peaches, banana, guacamole, tortilla, eggs, broccoli, noodles (especially with meat and red sauce), chicken nuggets, bread (rolls), crackers, cookies (animal cookies), rice, cereal

Favorite activities/games: Coloring (probably your most favorite thing to do right now), anything that involves putting things in things (like balls in a bucket),  puzzles, running around the yard, reading books (like Clifford, the Big Red Dog and The Foot Book), pretending to cook

It has been a while since I've posted a video, but this one was too funny not to share.

Untitled from Lisa Kennedy on Vimeo.