Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy 4 Months Troy!

Having you and your sister makes me realize that time passes too quickly. In ways it seems like you were born just yesterday, but in others I feel like you’ve been part of our family for a very long time. Either way, it is hard to come to the realization that you are already 4 months old.
This month you celebrated your first Christmas. It was so different from Ella’s first Christmas because she was already almost a year old at her first Christmas. Although you obviously couldn’t open your presents, you still got many great things from friends and family. Ella got to open some of your gifts for you as well.
You’ve really increased in your strength this month. The first photo below was taken at the beginning of January, and the second one was taken yesterday. It is amazing how much better you can lift yourself up now!

You rolled from your belly to your back again, and have become an expert roller from your back to your belly. The first couple of times you rolled from your back to your belly you did it when you were swaddled! I was amazed! We can't swaddle you anymore because of your rolling skills . . . we wouldn’t want you to roll onto your belly swaddled and not be able to roll back to your back.
You still love to be talked to and sung to. You smile often especially when we are talking or singing to you. You babble a lot, and it is so precious to hear your coo and blow bubbles. You smile so sweetly at your sister when she talks to you. I wish I could capture those moments forever. Although neither of y’all are smiling in this photo, it cracks me up because it is like y’all conspired together to make the same non-smiling face at me!
Troy @ 3 months
Troy @ 2 months
Troy @ 1 month