Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy 3 Months Troy!

Happy 3 Months Troy! This post is a little late . . . between Christmas and our family passing around a stomach bug, I haven't had a good opportunity to write this post.


You love to be talked to (which is a good thing since I'm sure Ella will talk your ear off as y'all get older!). You smile so big when anyone talks to you, and my heart melts when I see how you smile when Ella talks to you. You've also started "talking" back to us with lots of baby talk. You respond with "agooo" when I tell you that I love you. You sister used to say the same thing.
You've started sitting in your Bumbo seat this month. Sometimes you like to sit in it, and sometimes you don't. Ella loves to sit in your Bumbo seat too. :) You rolled over once from your belly to your back, but you were laying on the couch at the time, so you may have had a little help from the couch not being completely flat. You haven't rolled over yet on the floor.

Although you don't consistently sleep through the night yet, you have started sleeping better at night. Many nights we put you to bed (for the final time) around midnight, and you slept until around seven. It is nice to get a longer stretch of sleep at night!

Although you seem content in the picture below, you really hate riding in the car unless we are driving on windy country roads. This month has been a big test of our patience when you scream in the car as we've been traveling around throughout the holiday season. I really wish I knew why you hated riding in the car so much - we'd fix the problem if we knew what it is was!

I can't wait to see what the next month holds for you! We love you so much!
Troy @ 2 Months
Troy @ 1 Month