Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy 1 Month Troy!

Happy 1 Month Troy! (only a few days late . . .)

Where did the month go? It is so hard to believe that you are already one month old - you are still so tiny and precious! You captured our hearts the moment you were born (well, truly, before then), and, now, even though we're just slightly sleep-deprived our love has only grown for you!

You are definitely a mama's boy. You love for me to hold you - so much so that oftentimes you won't let me put you down! You enjoy people singing to you - no matter who is singing to you or what song they are singing.

You are an incredibly strong little boy for your age. We visited the pediatrician three times in the past month, and each time he commented on how strong you were. At your second appointment, while the nurse was examining you, you almost rolled over - the nurse was shocked! You already do a mini push-up during tummy time, and you also bear weight on your legs. I'm absolutely amazed!