Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy 20 months Ella!

Happy 20 months Ella!

Every month I've written this post I cannot believe how much you have grown and changed since the previous month, and this month is not any different. You seem so grown-up to me - especially compared to your new baby brother! You've started using two-word phrases - showing off your constantly expanding communication skills. I love being able to talk to you, and being able to understand what you mean (at least a good portion of the time). You not only use your words to communicate, you also use facial expressions, hand expressions (such as pointing to emphasize your point), and sign language.

The biggest change to your life this month has been the addition of "Twoy" (aka "Troy") to our family. I'll admit that I was nervous, although also optimistic, about how you would react. You have such an easygoing personality, you love people, and you are really sweet. These qualities haven't changed just because Troy entered into your world. I know that Troy will definitely "rock your world" but I hope the transition continues to be an easy one for you.

You love to give Troy kisses. In fact, you'll continually request "kiss, kiss!" You also love to hold Troy, and the expression on your face when we place him in your arms is absolutely priceless! You've also named your baby doll Troy, which is super sweet.

You've always been a bit of a chatterbox when we lay you down for a nap or at night, but lately it is has been pretty funny to listen to you over the monitor. Sometimes you yell "Monkey!" and other times you name a bunch of different people you know. I would like to know what is going on in  your mind when you are in your room trying to go to sleep. :)

One of your favorite requests lately has been "Down, Down!" - asking someone to get down on the floor to play with you. Thankfully you've have lots of folks around to get down on the floor with you, because, sadly, I haven't been able to get down on the floor with you very easily (between being very pregnant, and then recovering from having Troy). I'm looking forward to being a lot more mobile to play with you now that I've had Troy.

You've really started making what you want known. For example, we'll be getting dinner ready, and you'll start requesting "noodles, noodles!" Or, when we go to get you up from your nap or in the morning, you'll request to bring your monkey with you. You'll also ask for a book when we bring you to bed, and sometimes even ask us to read it to you. At the end of last month you started requesting kisses, but now your requests for kisses are way more numerous and you won't let us leave without giving you one. You also like to request to say a prayer.

Words you say: I can't even begin to name the words you say! In fact, now you are saying two-word phrases!

Animal noises you can make: owl, cow, sheep, puppy/dog, horse, bee, cat, frog, turkey

Body parts you identify: head, hair, nose, ears, eyes, tongue, feet, toes, cheeks, belly, belly button, hands, teeth, knees, fingers, legs, arms

Favorite foods: peaches, banana, guacamole, tortilla, eggs, broccoli, noodles (especially with meat and red sauce, chicken nuggets, bread (rolls), crackers, and cookies (animal cookies), rice

Ella @ 19 months
Ella @ 18 months
Ella @ 17 months