Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 19 Months Ella!

Happy 19 Months Ella!

You are growing up so fast! I'm honestly having a hard time believing that you are 19 months old (and that baby brother is due in less than a month, but that's a different story!).  I am absolutely floored by how much you are learning every day. I'm amazed at the new ways you make me smile every day. I'm also amazed at the ways you can test my patience, but I know that testing my patience is helping me to grow as a parent, and I hope that I have the patience I need to handle the different situations you throw my way - especially when I consider that these situations are only going to get more complicated as you grow up. I love the challenge you bring to my life!

You really are very sweet, and you melt my heart often. We always give you a goodnight kiss (and a kiss when we lay you down for a nap), and if we don't give it to you quick enough, you'll say "kiss, kiss." It is so absolutely precious!

I've also been amazed at how you have learned to "pretend" this month. You'll use a spoon and bowl to "mix" or you'll feed your monkey or you'll put lipstick on me, daddy, Ali, or Reeses (thankfully, we have some patient dogs!).

We've had a Mr. Potato Head toy sitting around our house for a while, waiting for you to be old enough to have (although I think you could have used him a while ago, I just really thought about it!). You absolutely love playing with him - especially his glasses! You also have a book called "I Love You Stinky Face" and when we get to the part with the skunk, you pinch your noise. Too cute!

New words or words with a special meaning this month . . .

  • "Maymen" aka "Amen": We've been really working on learning to be quiet when we pray and putting our hands together to be still. You figured out that when the phrase "In Jesus Name" is said that "Amen" follows, and you often shout out "maymen!" Sometimes, if the prayer is long, or perhaps there is a pause, you'll even voice your "maymen" early which we think is quite funny.
  • "Stuck": After getting in your old Bumbo chair at our friends' house and getting "stuck" you learned the meaning of this word. It has become a favorite over the past few days - you'll say that you are stuck if you get your rocking chair pushed up against something or if you are buckled in your carseat  and want out of your high chair.
  • "Rock": You may have been saying this at the end of last month - I'm not 100% sure - but you love to get in your rocking chair and say "rock, rock." You'll also sit in my lap (or even get in my chair on your own) and say "rock, rock." You also enjoy getting on your rocking horse and saying "rock, rock." You even put your monkey in your rocking chair and said to him "rock, rock."
  • "Ice, Ice, Baby": Ok, technically you've been able to say "ice" and "baby" for a while, but your dad has taught you to say "Ice, Ice, Baby!" when you see someone with ice or you want some. It is pretty funny!
  • "Bubbles": You love the bubbles in your bath, but you also love the bubbles game on our phones! You'll come over and ask to play by saying "bubbles, bubbles!"
  • "Train": We live in a town full of trains, and there is a track right by my favorite store, Target (we joke it is Ella's second or third home), and you love to see the train go by there.
Signs you do:thank you, please, milk, bath, thirsty, hungry (eat), more, finished (I honestly haven't tried to teach you anymore lately - I really should!)

Words you say:I can't even attempt to name all the words you say!

Animal noises you can make:owl, cow, sheep, puppy/dog, horse, bee, cat, frog

Body parts you identify:head, hair, nose, ears, eyes (and now you can "close" your eyes by squinting them together), tongue, feet, toes, cheeks, belly, belly button, hands, teeth, knees, fingers

Favorite foods:peaches, banana, guacamole, tortilla, eggs, broccoli, noodles with meat and red sauce, chicken nuggets