Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saving Money Again with Coupons

Towards the end of my pregnancy with Troy, I'll admit that I got pretty lazy when it came to things like properly grocery shopping (taking time to plan things out so that I could save money) and couponing. I'm a big believer in couponing and stockpiling because if I'm diligent at taking the time to do it, I can save a significant amount of money.

The past couple of shopping trips I've taken have been a good reminder and encouragement to myself to get back in the good habit of couponing so that we can stay on budget and save money.

First, at Target, I got a great deal on diapers for Ella. Target runs a special every few weeks where if you buy (usually) two of certain boxes of diapers you receive a $5.00 Target gift card. On top of this deal, I had 4 coupons I could use with the diapers: 1 Target coupon for a box of Huggies, 1 Target coupon for a box of Pampers plus a tub of wipes, and 1 manufacturer's coupon for each box of diapers. Each box of diapers was originally priced at $19.79, and the tub of wipes was $2.39, for a total of $41.97. My coupons for these items totaled $6.50.

  • Original price of two boxes of diaper and one tub of wipes: $41.97
  • Coupons for three items: $6.50
  • Total paid for three items:  $35.47
  • Additionally, I got a $5.00 Target gift card for purchasing the two boxes of diapers, so the deal was even better!

Secondly, when I was grocery shopping, I got a great deal on cereal. We love Cinnamon Chex at our house (if you haven't tried them, you should - they are GREAT), but I don't always buy it because it can be kind of expensive for the amount of cereal you get. However, our grocery store had them on sale this week, for $2.00 a box (the cheapest I have ever seen it before this was $2.52). In addition to the cheap price, I had several coupons for a $1.00 off of two boxes of cereal. I ended up getting 4 boxes of Cinnamon Chex for $6.00, whereas they would have normally cost me $10.08 for a savings of $4.08. I also got a good deal on a couple of other cereal varieties.

Now, I just need to keep up with my couponing so that I can continue to save money!