Monday, October 18, 2010

Tot School: Week 2

-Ella is 20 months old-
Check out what we did in Tot School last week!

This week was a pretty crazy week because we had family in most of the week. With our family being around this past week I didn't really plan anything specific for her to do, because I knew that the majority of her time would be spent playing with our family. However, even with our family in, there were many things that Ella was exposed to throughout the week, so I thought I'd share a few. Once again, I slacked a bit on pictures, and I hate that . . . next week will be better! :)

  • Counting
    • Like last week, we continued to work on counting. Now that Ella is starting to "get it" (at least a little bit), I really want to continue to expose her to counting. We counted many different things, but I think her favorite thing to count might be toes! One of my favorite learning toys for Ella right now is this peg play board - it works great for counting, building, and colors (plus lots of other stuff too!).

  • The Great Outdoors
    • The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, and we've started going outside more and more (it wasn't that long ago it was too miserably hot to be outside for very long). Ella had a lot of fun playing in our sage bush. I pointed out the leaves to her, and explained that the leaves were green. I don't know if she really paid too much attention to me though - she was too busy playing peek-a-boo within the bush!

  • Helping
    • Ella loves for us to assign her tasks to do - especially if she thinks she is helping out with her baby brother. We'll ask her to take things to the trash, or to take dirty clothes to the laundry pile (this is new this week). I'll also ask her to bring me Troy's blanket or pacifier. I love that she enjoys doing these things, and is also learning to listen and follow directions. I'm hoping that by asking her to do these little things, even at such a young age, we'll have an easier time teaching her to help out as she gets older.

Week 3 of Tot School for us will be our first "normal" week we've had in over a month (between Troy being born, and having tons of family in because of Troy). I'm looking forward to introducing Ella to some new things this week - including really starting to work on the alphabet.

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