Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy 18 Months Ella!

Happy 18 Months Ella!

When I started writing these posts last month, I never imagined you would learn and grow so much in one month! Your energy is amazing, and you love to run and climb everywhere. You learned how to kick when you were playing with your dad at McCarty. You love to dance, and you start dancing when the music comes on - even if we are in the car (I've posted a video below of you dancing in the car - sorry for the video quality, I took it on my phone). You respond with the cutest "uh-huh" and head nod when you want something or you are answering "yes" to something we ask you.

Last month, I was able to write down every word you knew. This month, you know so many words, I can't even imagine writing them all down. I would never get them all! Your dad observed that you are learning at least 1-2 new words every day (if not more!).

Some new words you've added this month . . .
  • "Boos coos" and "dotebook": As I mentioned recently, you love "boos coos" (aka Blue's Clues). When you are watching the show, you even holler out "dotebook" (aka "notebook") when clues are written down in his "handy, dandy notebook."
  • Purse: You love to carry a purse around with you, and put things in and out of your purse including smurfs and some 'lipstick' that you put on your lips.
  • Door: I didn't know you even knew the word "door" until we were at the doctor's office for your 18 month check-up and you wanted out of the room as fast as you could get out. You did not want to see the doctor!
  • Hot: You've learned that the oven is hot, sometimes food is hot, sometimes water is hot (like in your bath), and that it is REALLY hot outside. I'm amazed that you can already apply the word "hot" in so many ways. If we say your food is hot, you pick it up and blow on it - it is absolutely precious to watch you do this!
  • Peaches: Your dad has been taking you to the local farmer's market each week to get peaches from one of our friends. You absolutely love Mr. Cliff's peaches!
  • Goat: You had so much fun meeting goats at a friend's house.
  • Finished: You can both sign and say "finished". At first you only applied this to eating, but now you say you are finished when you are done doing many things.
Signs you do: thank you, please, milk, bath, thirsty, hungry (eat), more, finished

Words you say: I can't even attempt to name all the words you say!

Animal noises you can make: owl, cow, sheep, puppy/dog, horse, bee, cat

Body parts you identify: head, hair, nose, ears, eyes (your favorite to point out!), tongue, feet, toes, cheeks, belly, belly button, hands

Favorite foods: peaches, banana, guacamole, tortilla, eggs, broccoli, noodles with meat and red sauce, rice, chicken nuggets