Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Farmer's Market and More Peaches

After writing about Ella's love for peaches, I had to follow-up with some pictures today that I took at the farmer's market. I was finally able to tag along on the trip to the farmer's market - and I'm glad I made it out. This was the last week our friend was selling peaches.
And, the aftermath! I think she needed a bib! :)

Since this was the last week of peaches at the farmer's market, we got a huge box full of peaches that needed to be cut up and frozen. We quick boiled the peaches so that we could easily remove the skin, removed the skin, cut them up into pieces, and then froze the pieces in a sugar lemon-water mixture. We'll have yummy peaches for Ella to enjoy for quite a while! Processing the peaches reminded me of my baby food making days!