Sunday, August 8, 2010


I mentioned that one of Ella's new words this month is "peaches" and boy, she sure does love peaches! Her dad has been taking her every week to the local farmer's market to visit one of our friends who specializes in peaches. She usually eats one or two peaches just sitting there visiting with our friend during the few minutes they are at the farmer's market. Plus the peaches they bring home never go bad . . .she gobbles them up! She loves Mr. Cliff's peaches! Sadly, the peach season is ending, and there are probably only one or two more weeks of the farmer's market.

We've been visiting with my parents who have a few peach trees on their property. Ella enjoyed some of their peaches as well, and also had fun helping her dad get rid of the bad peaches (aka, she tried to throw them like dad over the fence). :)






I'm glad Ella loves fruit so much!