Saturday, August 28, 2010

Handmade Bulletin Boards

I think one of the fun things about getting the kids' room ready has been doing a few craft projects to complete the room (like their name letters I made for the wall). I love doing crafty things, but I'm not a very crafty person. I'm always excited to find a crafty project that I can actually complete.

I'll admit that this idea isn't original with me. The first time I saw it was when one of our friends made Ella a bulletin board for her nursery. I LOVED the idea, and I thought I'd make Ella and Troy bulletin boards that match their bedding.

These bulletin boards are made from ceiling tiles. I simply painted the plain white tiles to match their bedding, and used hot glue to add ribbon hang them.


Ella's bulletin boards:


Troy's bulletin boards:


I wouldn't examine them too closely because I am not the best artist/painter in the world, but I was pretty pleased at how they turned out given my lack of artistic ability. I was even more excited when Ella was able to identify both the owl and the bird on her bulletin boards. She did think that the fox on Troy's board was a cat, but, hey, that's pretty close, and I don't technically think she knows what a fox is anyway! :)