Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 17 Months Ella!

Happy 17 months Ella!

You are so busy! You are constantly exploring the world around you. You don't like to sit still, although sometimes you'll sit with me to snuggle, or read a book, or look at pictures of animals on the computer. You've gotten really good at walking, and sometimes you almost run. You very rarely crawl anymore. You love to climb in and out of your rocking chairs, and try to climb on the couch (although you can't quite get on our couch yet).

You love to socialize with everyone. You are quite the communicator, using many signs and words. Your expressions are priceless - you can definitely get your point across! Your smile and laugh melt my heart.

You love animals, especially Reeses and Ali. You can feed both dogs a treat, and they love when you eat in your highchair, although you now know you aren't supposed to feed them your food. You have a lot of fun playing with Reeses, and Reeses loves to come wake you up in the morning or from your naps. You also love to be outside, and especially playing in the water.

You love to blow kisses and give kisses. You even give baby brother a kiss in my belly. You are very sweet! Even though you are sweet, you can definitely put on the pouty face when you don't get your way!

Signs you do: thank you, please, milk, bath, thirsty, hungry (eat), more

Words you say: Dada, Mama, Ali (our dog), Reeses (other dog), Rhu-Rhu (your grandma), ball, book, bear, bird (although bear and bird sound a lot alike!), Bible, puppy, more, no, fish (you LOVE fish), bye, bee, eye, ear, please, uh-oh, Ella, thank you, shoes, box, bubble, bling, hi, baby, drink

Animal noises you can make: owl, cow, sheep, puppy/dog, horse, bee

Body parts you identify: head, hair, nose, ears, eyes (your favorite to point out!), tongue, feet, toes

Favorite foods: banana, guacamole, tortilla, eggs, broccoli, noodles with meat and red sauce

Side note: I wish I would have started writing these posts a long time ago!