Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life After the Pacifier

Almost a month ago I wrote about weaning Ella from her pacifier. So, what is life like now? Do I wish Ella still had her pacifier?

The answer isn't easy. I'm so excited and thankful that she is no longer using the pacifier, and that the weaning process was all-in-all pretty easy. I'm thankful she is not relying on the pacifier. I'm thankful that she is done with her pacifier long before baby brother arrives, so she isn't tempted by his pacifier (if he ends up taking one). I'm thankful I don't have to search the house or the car for pacifiers, and that I don't need to panic if we leave the house without a pacifier.

But, are there times I wish Ella still used her pacifier?

Yes, most definitely. When she struggles to fall asleep at nap time or at night, I would love to be able to walk into her room and hand her the pacifier. It would be an easy solution (and can be very tempting at times). When we are at worship services and Ella constantly wants to talk and make noise, I would love to be able to pop a pacifier in her mouth. It would be an easy way to quiet her.

I think weaning Ella from her pacifier was also a weaning and learning process for me. Weaning Ella from her pacifier taught me patience (and is still teaching me patience).

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