Monday, July 26, 2010

Patience as She Grows

At almost 18 months old, Ella is learning and doing so much. I'm amazed daily at the things she knows, and the things that she can do. I think it is so cute how she tries to change the channel to turn on "boos coos" (aka Blue's Clues). Or if I ask her to put something in the trash she promptly walks to the drawer where the trash can is located, opens it, places the trash in it, and closes the drawer.  Or, how she plays peek-a-boo, when we say "Where's Ella?" and she responds "There she is!"

With everything Ella is learning to do, I find myself easily getting frustrated at the things she can't do or doesn't understand yet. I get frustrated when she doesn't understand how to be quiet when I need her to be quiet. But, then again, a majority of the time I'm encouraging her to talk, so I'm sure it is hard for her to understand the difference. Or I get frustrated when she isn't patient when breakfast or dinner isn't ready right when she wants it. But, truly, she has no concept of time.

I really have to step back and remind myself that she is only 18 months old. She still sleeps in a crib and isn't potty trained. She still cries when she doesn't get her way and doesn't always remember the difference between a dog treat and her own snack. She may try to change the channel to "boos coos" but she still needs me to turn it on. I need patience to remember these things as she grows up. It is my duty and my husband's duty to teach her as she grows up because she is only a child, and she is our child - a most precious gift from above!