Thursday, September 27, 2012



#ohElla : a collection of the sweet, funny, and quirky things Ella has said over the past two years or so

  • Ella: "I hear the rain talking on the car!" Ruby: "what's it saying?" Ella: "dribble dribble drop"
  • Me: “I need a big ol kiss.” Ella: ”I already gave you a kiss!”
  • “Are Simba and monkey your friends?” Ella: “Nope, simba's a dog and monkey's a girl!”


  • Looking at the letters on the basket while shopping: “E for Ella, A for apple, I for Ikea!” 
  • "I don't like butter. I like ketchup"
  • Ella:"Where is that train going?" Me: "I don't know" Ella: "I think Daddy knows.
  • (After I had been putting ice on my hurt ankle): "Do you need more icing?”
  • As I'm pouring Ella a cup of juice, she asks what I'm doing. When I tell her she says, "Good idea, Mama!"
  • "I need some money for my pocket!"



  • After Trent threw Ella up in the air and caught her, she said "that was a good catch daddy!"
  • "I have a tree! I have a tree!" Ella singing "I have a dream" from Tangled
  • I told Ella she had some tasks to do. She's walking around saying "I think I've done all of my taxes"
  • "If I don't have any more birthdays I'll just keep getting littler"
  • "I had to go check on Mama. She's playing in her kitchen"
  • "Mama! Troy is having a lot of fun with me!"
  • "My neck is hurting. Cuz I've been talking a lot."
  • Trent to Ella: "Where is heaven?" Ella:"In God's mouth"