Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Way of Thinking

I knew that having a baby would change things. I knew that my life would never be the same again. I knew that decisions I would make in the future would be highly impacted by the fact that I would have a child.

I'm thankful for Ella for the focus she has brought to my life in many aspects. While I still have much to learn, she, in many ways really has shifted my way of thinking - which is a good thing.

For instance, I'm more focused on being frugal. Something I should have practiced before having Ella, but something that I am trying hard to practice because my husband and I have to take care of her. Plus, when you start to consider the price of diapers and formula . . .well, I'll just say, I'm very thankful I can find coupons for those items!

Sometimes I don't even initially realize how my way of thinking has changed. My husband and I were (well, still are) contemplating what to do with some Christmas money. One of the top items on our list: a new vacuum cleaner. Our vacuum is barely sufficient, and with a baby crawling around on the floor all the time who seems to be able to spot even the smallest speck, make her way to it, and put it in her mouth, we want something that will really clean the floor properly (any suggestions, by the way?). I also caught myself thinking about buying an ear or forehead thermometer, even though the regular thermometer we have is fine. I haven't had to take Ella's temperature often in her short lifetime, but I already want something easier to use. And the thought of having to take her temperature many more times, and the prospect of taking the temperature of future children, makes me want to spend the money on something I may have considered unimportant before.

Although I still need more focus in my life spiritually, Ella really has helped me mature some spiritually. I want to be the best example I can be for her; after all, I know she will be watching me and my husband, and it is our responsibility to bring her up in the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). I find myself wanting to listen to the experiences of other Christian parents so that I may learn from them. I'm interested in reading books like Your Mama Don't Dance, a Christian parenting book. I have a desire to work for an even stronger marriage.

I know that my life will never be the life I had before I had Ella. And I'm thankful for that. She has changed my way of thinking, helping form me into a better person. I know she will continue to teach me as I teach her. I'm blessed by her.