Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Joy of Parenting: Watching Ella Learn

Even though Ella is only 10 1/2 months old, I've truly been blessed by her. She has already taught me many things, and brought great joy to my life. One of the many things that always brings a smile to my face is seeing her learn to do new things. It is sometimes hard to imagine that 10 1/2 months ago she couldn't even hold her head up, and now she is saying her first words, crawling, pulling up, cruising along furniture, and doing many other things.

This first video shows Ella doing one of her newest tricks: "touchdown!" She also shows up she can pull up, and even stand up (on a crib mattress no less) without holding on to anything.

This second video shows Ella playing with one of her toys, her cookie jar. When she first got this toy, she liked hearing the music and watching the lights, but really couldn't do anything much with it. Now she can place the pieces inside the cookie jar, know to look inside to find the pieces, and take the pieces out. Hopefully one of these days she'll learn to match up the shapes with the cut-outs on the sides!