Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ali aka Scooter

I was excited to see that it was "Pets Only" week at I Heart Faces. I have two great dogs (too bad I couldn't get both of them in the shot!): Ali and Reeses. This picture is Ali, a mutt that my husband and I rescued several years ago. She had been abused before we got her, so she was kind of shy at first, but she's always been the best dog I've ever been around. Sadly, one night we came home and Ali just wasn't acting like herself. She seemed like she was hurting, but we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. It was really late, so we didn't take her to the vet that night. When we woke up the next morning, Ali couldn't move her back legs. We took her to the vet and he diagnosed her with Intervertebral Disk Disease. She had to have emergency surgery to have any hope of restoring movement in her lower half. Unfortunately, even after the surgery Ali still does not have the use of her back legs. With that said, she can get around amazingly well for a partially paralyzed dog. She "scoots" everywhere (thus the nickname "Scooter"). If she looks like she's crawling in the picture it is because she is...I think she can crawl/scoot faster than some dogs run! :)

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