Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you had a great time with friends and family - I know I did!

This was Ella's first Christmas, and amazingly, we had a white Christmas! It rarely snows in most parts of Texas, let alone on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so this was really special. (I loved the beauty of the snow, but I certainly hope your loved ones were able to travel safely in any bad weather.) These pictures were taken on Christmas morning (in her new leopard outfit).

It was such a joy watching Ella experience the fun of opening presents for the first time, even though I still don't think she really had any idea what was going on. She certainly loved the boxes and the paper though!

Among many other things, I got a 50mm f/1.8lens for my camera . . . I LOVE it! I love how crisp and bright even my quick snapshots came out (like the one below).

Christmas is always special in so many ways, and this year was no different. We are certainly blessed by our family and friends!