Sunday, December 6, 2009


Days like today make me realize the purpose behind this blog in the first place. Tonight we had a Christmas party at our home. I LOVE entertaining and having everyone over, but honestly sometimes (ok, most times), I just don't start preparing for everything early enough.

I've been slowly going through my living room/kitchen area throughout the week, trying to organize, clean out, and babyproof all at the same time (I've been wanting to do this regardless of having the party or not). I've been very happy with the progress I've made, but it has just taken me a lot longer than I thought it would. I was only halfway through the living room/kitchen area by this morning. There was no way I would actually be able to organize/clean out/babyproof the remaining half of the area the way I wanted before the party tonight. So, instead, as usual, things were cleaned and put away, but not the way I really wanted it done. As the day progressed, I became more and more frustrated with myself. Frustrated that I am not a very good housekeeper, and that my house was in such bad shape to begin with. Frustrated that I wasn't able to get the rest of my "project" done the way I wanted to get it done. Frustrated at how stressed I became about the whole situation.

Thankfully, I have a great husband who helped out today. I still didn't everything done the way I wanted it done, but the house looked pretty good, and the party turned out great. I had a wonderful time with my friends tonight! I really am blessed!