Friday, November 13, 2009

A Little Change Gives Me Hope (grocery shopping)

If you've read my post about the idea for this blog, you know there are many things that I am striving to be in my life. For a long time, I've felt as though I get in a rut when it comes to how I do things in my life, making it very hard for me to make changes even when I really need and want to make these changes. However, having Ella has helped me make changes that I've always wanted to make, but never had really attempted before.

Since I've had Ella, I've been much more financially conscious - particularly when it comes to the amount of money we spend on groceries and household items. I've finally paid attention to what I'm buying and how much I spend. I'm actually embarrassed thinking back to how I would grocery shop before I really started paying attention to what I was doing. Before, I'd spend way too much money for a week's worth of groceries, and STILL not have everything I'd need for the week and end up going back to the store two or three times before the week was up. Now, I spend a lot less money, have everything I need for the week (and sometimes more left over for next week), and rarely have to go back to the store.
  • Before: I'd buy whatever I felt like without really thinking if I was getting enough for the week or covering everything I needed.
    Now: While I don't plan exact meals for the week before going shopping (perhaps this is the next step), I do take the time at the store to make sure that I am covering everything.
  • Before: I'd use coupons if they were stuck on the product on the store shelf.
    Now: I actively coupon, and have quite a stock pile of coupons for many different things.
  • Before: I never paid attention to the prices of items, and because of that, often paid way more than necessary.
    Now: I watch the prices of items, know a great price, and take the opportunity to stockpile (thus saving money in the long run).
Here are a few of my favorite sites for information about couponing:
The other day my husband mentioned that his new favorite quote from me was "I have a coupon for that!" His comment made me realize that I really have changed for the good!

What are your favorite ways to save money on groceries and other everyday purchases?