Thursday, November 26, 2009


If you've read my idea behind this blog, you might think that I'm dissatisfied with my life considering all the things that I really want to change. However, that is not the case at all! I love my life! I am blessed in more ways than I can count!
I've been contemplating what to type next for many days now, because I am thankful for so many things it is hard to them all into words,and honestly, I can't. Here are a few of the many, many things for which I am so thankful!
  • God: We are on this earth because God saw fit to create us. We are able to spend an eternity in heaven with Him, if we are obedient to His Word, because He sent His Only Son for us.
  • The Bible: I am so thankful that God gave us His revealed Word!
  • The availability of prayer: It is such a comfort to be able to communicate with God.
  • Spiritual family: I cannot begin to describe the blessing of my spiritual family. My brothers and sisters in Christ surround me, and we help each other on our journey to heaven.
  • Physical family: I am thankful for parents who raised me in the Lord. I am thankful for a strong Christian husband, who constantly challenges me and makes me a better person. I am thankful for my beautiful baby girl, and the blessing that she has been to me.
  • Friends: I am thankful for friends that I can laugh until I cry with and who also encourage me.
  • And many, many more things I don't have the time to list.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?