Saturday, November 14, 2009

Creation Cards

When Ella was born, one of my close friends got her these Creation Cards: Exploring God's Creation. I love them! These cards have beautiful pictures of items in God's creation, from the moon to rocks to beaches. On the back, these cards have different facts about the item on the front. Right now, I show Ella the picture on the card and simply tell her that "God created the moon" or whatever is on the card. As she gets older, they'll continue to be a great tool to teach her about God and His creation.

I was showing Ella these cards last night, and was thinking how much I really wish they had these cards with animals on them. When I went to the website to get a link for this post I found Creation Cards: God's Animal Kingdom. I was so excited - the last time I looked they didn't have these cards. I'm planning on getting Ella some of these in the near future.

Be sure to check out the website where these items are sold. Apologetics Press has a ton of great information defending the Word of God.