Monday, November 23, 2009

Snail Mail

I am terrible at sending anything out in the mail. I don't even have a good excuse as to why I'm so terrible. It takes me less than a minute to walk out my front door to my mailbox, raise the red flag, and walk back into my house. I could say that my problem is that I don't know what to say when I need to send out a thank you card or a note of encouragement, but that really isn't true. If I have the exact same task to do as an email, I have NO problem getting an email sent.
In a book I was reading through recently, I read something about changing habits. The author contended that most people don't give themselves near enough time to change the habit before giving up. He suggested writing down the things you want to change, and then revisiting the list, making sure that you are sincerely trying to make the change. I know I need to listen to this advice on many different levels (physically and spiritually). While my difficulty with actually sending out cards may seem like such a little thing, it really is representative of the way I handle other things in my life that I need to change as well. Here's my attempt writing down what I want to change.

I really want to be the lady who gets the thank you cards out promptly, whose anniversary and birthday cards always arrive before the special day, and who sends a card of encouragement to a new brother or sister in Christ. I want to be the one that already has a stash of cards on hand to send out at all times in whatever situation. I want to be the one who'll send a nice note "just because."

I have a few goals for myself over the next few weeks:
  1. Mail a thank you card to a couple to whom I am really, really thankful - and to whom I've been meaning to send a thank you card to for many weeks now.
  2. Mail a note of encouragement to some visitors who came to our congregation on Sunday.
  3. Mail Christmas cards this year. I don't know how many years in a row now I've actually bought Christmas cards and not sent them. They are making it into the mailbox this year!!