Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 16 Months Troy!

Happy 16 Months Troy!

Ah, every month bring lots of changes, but this month you seem so much more grown-up! You are finally walking! You started taking steps early on in the month, but didn’t really take many steps in a row until about halfway through the month. You got fairly sick in the middle of the month, and after being sick didn’t seem interested in walking again for a little while, but once you were feeling better started taking steps again.


You love playing with Ella, and y’all generally do enjoy each others’ company. I love listening to you playing and laughing at each other!120106IMG_9934.jpg

You are stubborn. Really stubborn. You consistently get into things you know you aren’t supposed to get into (like the dogs’ water bowl or their food dishes). You demonstrate that you know you aren’t supposed to do things because oftentimes when I see you getting in the dogs’ water, for example, you’ll start crawling away really fast! You also keep on doing whatever it is you are doing after we tell you no (several times) like throw your food or touch my computer. This is new territory for us . . . when Ella was your age we usually only had to tell her a few times not to do something and she steered clear of the activity. 120107IMG_0131.jpg

You also finally quit taking a bottle this month! We had intended on weaning you earlier on, but after a couple of bouts of sickness and travel, the timing just never worked out. We (along with our wallet) are glad that you are finally weaned! You have also been eating a ton lately, I feel like I can’t feed you enough! There have been days in the past couple of weeks where pretty much anytime you are awake you are crawling/walking around saying “bite! bite! bite!” (in a Chinese accent no less).120113IMG_0029.jpg


You continue to love being the center of attention. You’ve started clapping at yourself if we tell you that you’ve done a good job. You are such a cheese ball! You are also a huge chatterbox. You constantly talk even though we don’t know what you are always saying (most of the time we don’t know, ha!). The pediatrician kept commenting on how much you were talking when we were at your 15 month well check.120117IMG_0082.jpg

You love, love, love throwing balls. You are really good (especially considering your age) at throwing a football (or other things). You can get good distance and are pretty accurate too. You got a basketball goal for Christmas, and you’ve been having a lot of fun playing with it, and shooting baskets. Just recently you have been able to pick up the basketball, walk to the goal, shoot, and (sometimes) make a basket.troy football.jpg

Signs you do: more, finished, milk, hungry, thank you, please (although only once, maybe twice), thirsty, sleepy (although thirsty, sleepy, and please all look a lot alike when you do them . . .)

Words you say: bye, ball, Bible, bottle, bite, book, blue, mama, dada, Ella, “eeses” (Reeses, our dog), “ah-ee” (Ali, our other dog), Lucy (grandparent’s dog),  “anks” (thanks), “ank oo” (thank you), “ish” (fish), “inished” (finished), duck, “ootball” (football), RhuRhu (grandma), Gigi (grandma), hey, hi, down, up, uh-uh, “eese” (please"), play. I also think you say something that sounds like “what’s that?”

Animal noises you make: chicken

Favorite foods: banana, and then I don’t know what else. You eat a ton of different stuff, but half the time something you gobbled up the day before, you won’t touch the next day. It can make it very tough figuring out what to feed you!

Favorite activities: crawling/walking and exploring everything, especially following Ella or chasing a dog; dancing (you love to turn on the music that plays on toys and dance to it); reading books; watching Blue’s Clues; taking baths; playing with balls (you love to throw any kind of ball); trying get any electronics or drinks you can spot.

Troy at 15 months