Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy 15 Months Troy!

Happy 15 Months Troy!

I never can seem to get these monthly posts for you out on time! Oh, well, I’m at least thankful that I remember to write them in the general timeframe because they serve as a great reminder to the life we are enjoying with you!


You still aren’t walking (I know, I know, you are making me eat my words that you would walk before Ella did!), but you have finally started taking some steps. When you turned 15 months old, you’d take a couple of steps at a time. You are quite capable of standing without holding onto anything. In fact, you’ll drink your bottle or sippy cup while standing without holding onto anything, and you’ve even thrown a ball while standing without holding onto anything.  Although you aren’t walking yet, your crawling is always the talk of the room. You are a very fast crawler, and you even have what we call “high speed mode” where you put your head down and crawl like crazy!111126IMG_8158

You love playing with balls (any kind from a football to those huge inflatable balls that are bigger than you!). You love to throw or rolls the balls, and you continue to show off that you prefer to use your left hand. You are even pretty good a catching the large ball. When your dad rolls it to you, even if it is off to the side, you’ll move to it to put your arms around it to grab it.


You continue to jabber a lot, and you’ve added a lot of words to your vocabulary this month. You are very good at getting your point across even if you don’t know how to say the words. You are so expressive! You really hate getting your diaper changed, your nose wiped (which happened a lot this month because you were sick), getting your clothes changed, and riding in the car, and you let us know that you don’t like those things!111208IMG_8348

You continue to show off your climbing skills. I’ve had to rethink how to babyproof the house – Ella never was a climber! You also get into everything whether that be presents under the Christmas tree or in the kitchen cabinets. And, no, I never did babyproof the cabinets (except the one with chemicals) when Ella was a baby – she just wasn’t interested in digging in them like you are.111211IMG_8388

You still love being outdoors, and you even enjoy getting wet from the rain. You love when your dad runs with you in the cold air – you grin and laugh a lot! Your laugh is one of the most precious things in my life – I always love hearing it!111217IMG_8820

You love, love, love to dance! At a Christmas gift exchange we ended up with a Johnny Cash ornament that played “Ring of Fire” and you and Ella played that song over and over, dancing along every time. Y’all played it so much the batteries died on it before Christmas! You would grab the ornament in your hand and wave it around while the music played. However, that ornament isn’t the only music you like to dance to – you’ll dance to almost any music, and you love to make the toys play the music over and over again. If you are sitting down when the music plays you sway side to side hitting your arms on the ground as the music plays. If you are standing up (holding on to something) you’ll bounce up and down and get absolutely crazy!  I’ve added a video of your dancing skills at the end of this post because it is too great not to share!



Signs you do: more, finished, milk, hungry, thank you, please (although only once, maybe twice)

Words you say: bye, ball, Bible, bottle, bite, book, blue, mama, dada, Ella, “eeses” (Reeses, our dog), “anks” (thanks), “ish” (fish), “inished” (finished), duck, “ootball” (football), RhuRhu (grandma), Gigi (grandma), hey, hi, down, up, uh-uh, “eese” (please"). I also think you say something that sounds like “what’s that?”

Animal noises you make: chicken

Favorite foods: banana, beans, peanut butter crackers, green beans (although not as much lately), but mostly whatever is on someone else’s plate. You seem to be a lot more finicky about food lately, but I’m not so sure it isn’t just because you’ve been sick and we’ve been traveling.

Favorite activities: crawling and exploring everything, especially following Ella or chasing a dog; dancing (you love to turn on the music that plays on toys and dance to it); reading books; watching Blue’s Clues; taking baths; playing with balls (you love to throw any kind of ball); trying get any electronics or drinks you can spot.

Troy dancing from Lisa Kennedy on Vimeo.