Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Activities (with a toddler!)

Now that Ella is getting a little bit older, I was excited to do lots of fun Christmas projects with her this year. We didn’t get around to doing as many things as I had originally planned, but we did do a couple of fun projects.

First, we made a gingerbread house. We used a boxed kit, and Ella had a ton of fun directing me where to put icing and candy as well as placing some of the candy herself. She was even more excited when she figured out that she could eat some of the candy. : ) By the way, no judging on the quality of the finished product – I’m not very creative and my helper was a two year old! ; )





We also made salt dough ornaments. They were incredibly easy to make, and Ella really enjoyed picking out shapes as well as using the cookie cutters (or other utensils) to cut out the shapes.111209IMG_8362.jpg





(Ella was sick when we did this activity, so ignore the snotty face . . .)