Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Days Like Yesterday

Some days aren’t like yesterday around the house. Some days feel like every little task I need to complete is really a huge mountain that I have to climb. That wasn’t yesterday. Yesterday ran smoothly. Yesterday went kind of like I imagined most days would go as a stay at home mom (which I’m still figuring out, by the way). The kids ate well, without extra reminders to Ella to take more bites or to Troy to not throw his food. They played well together without injuries and without really any fussing. They took an uneventful bath together (so much so that I was able to clean the bathroom while they were taking a bath). I was able to get lots of little odds and ends done around the house, and even had time to sit down and starting reading my new book on my Nook.

Sure, yesterday had its challenges – it isn’t likely that I’ll have a day without challenges when I have two little ones (or even when they aren’t so little) in the house. Ella did everything she could  think of to not take a nap (and I’m thinking in my mind, “Oh, what I would give for a nap!”), but she did eventually take a nap.

I’m thankful for days like yesterday, but also for days that don’t always run as “smoothly” as yesterday did. I’m thankful that I’m even able to have days like yesterday – I’m thankful that I’m able to stay at home with them. I’m thankful that I’m the one who is there to feed them their meals, to watch them  play, and to give them their baths. I’m thankful that I get to direct and watch them as they are growing up.