Saturday, July 30, 2016

Happy 7 Months Annie!

Once again, I'm behind writing this post. . . we've been slightly busy, and I've barely even opened my computer this summer. And, once again, I wasn't able to take a photo with your monthly sticker. :( I painted the living room, and in the process managed to misplace your monthly stickers. Good news, though, I found them, so I'll be able to take your 8 month photo! And . . . I'm way behind editing personal photos, but hopefully I'll come back and fill photos into this post later.

But, enough about me, and onto you!

Seven months! Wow, more than halfway to one year old (your siblings like to remind us often how close you are getting to one year old). You even said your first word this month (mama!) as I either walked into or out of the room. Sadly, I missed it, but daddy heard it! I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you'd say "mama" first because you truly are a mama's girl.

Although I haven't weighed you lately, I know you are still tiny. People still often guess you are younger than you are based on your size. However, if someone really observes you, it is easy to see that you are closer to one than a newborn! From your strength and stability to your interactions and smile, you show us everyday how big you really are getting!

Ella has been loving holding you and carrying you around lately. I though as you got bigger, she might shy away more because you weighed more, but it has been quite the opposite. She asks to hold you many times a day, and she does a great job toting
you around. The boys also ask at times to hold you, and when they do, they love it! I wish I had been able to capture to huge grin Luke gets on his face when you get in his lap.

You still haven't been sleeping very well at night, although the few days right before you turned 7 months old you slept well (so maybe you are starting to turn the corner). I know the amount of traveling we've been doing probably isn't good for helping you get into a good sleep pattern. Not only are you not in your bed (and I think you pretty much hate the pack n' play), but your schedule has been completely out of sorts. You have generally been doing better napping, but if you have to sleep in your pack n' play for naptime, you usually don't sleep as well.

You continue to love solid food, and have become an expert "puff" eater. It has been really nice that you can enjoy your puffs during a meal because it makes things easier on us (you stay distracted while we eat!). And, despite the fact that I've thought your teeth would pop through at any moment over the past couple of months, they still haven't broken through!

You finally really figured out your jumperoo this month, and your jumping is pretty great. You like to jump as long as we don't leave you alone . . . it seems the moment we walk out of the room to do something while you are in your jumperoo you immediately start fussing and won't be happy until we get you out. Since you have figured out your jumperoo, your legs have been kicking it into overdrive! You often kick/bounce when we hold you, and are quite the wiggle worm!

Your giggles have brought us (and many others) much joy this past month. It is easy to make you smile and laugh, and baby giggles are the best! Ella loves to try to get you to laugh (and she's good at it!). I'm amazed at all the things that you find so funny that you giggle. I've included just a few videos of your giggles this past month.

Annie @ 6 months
Luke @ 7 months
Troy @ 7 months
(I didn’t start writing these monthly posts for Ella until she was 17 months old)