Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy 7 Months Troy!

Seven months old! It is crazy to think you are already seven months old. When I rock you to sleep I’m reminded of when you were younger, but when you are awake, you remind of how much you really have grown!20110331-IMG_1447.jpg

You enjoy being outside (just like your sister!). You hung out in a “real” swing for the first time this month. I think you liked it, but you were pretty tired when we were at the park.  Speaking of tired, when you are tired, you like to be in your bed asleep or in my arms asleep (unlike Ella who just seems to get more and more energy as she gets tired – she never did like to sleep in my arms). You’ve started sleeping better at night – you generally only wake up once, but you still have some nights where you wake up several times. 20110331-IMG_1493.jpg

You started being capable of holding your own bottle at the end of last month, but recently you’ve gone from holding it with your arm (like in the photo below) to really holding it with two hands. You can also put it in your mouth and take it out of your mouth. 20110408-IMG_1584.jpg You are sitting up better and better everyday, but you still don’t sit on your own yet. You’ve started eating solids a little bit more, and you tried puffs this month. You are your mama’s boy when it comes to bananas – you really, really didn’t like the banana puffs! I wish I would have captured the face you made when your dad gave you the banana puffs – it was priceless! Ella happily ate them up though, ha!20110412-IMG_1638.jpg You don’t like to sit straight or lay straight. You prefer to sit cock-eyed in your bumbo. This might be your mama coming out in you too. :) You’ve also figured out how to bend yourself out of the bumbo – we have to keep a close eye on you now! 20110415-IMG_1745.jpgThis month you figured out how to find your pacifier in your crib and put it in your mouth if you want to use it, but lately you seem to prefer to suck on your thumb. I find your thumb-sucking funny because you barely liked it when you were younger, but just recently you’ve really started sucking your thumb.  Sometimes when I check on you in the middle of the night you are sucking your thumb. You also enjoy playing and chewing on your toes.20110414-IMG_1714.jpg

You really love familiar things. You love my voice, and you also love your sister’s singing. She enjoys comforting you when you are sad by singing your favorite song “Jesus Loves Me.” I find it completely precious that the lullaby of choice in our home is “Jesus Loves Me”  - by your choice! Other songs just don’t comfort you the way that one does!