Friday, April 1, 2011

Quarterly Top 5 of Ella and Troy (and some changes)

Naptime Momtog, Amber’s Articles, and Click It Up a Notch are hosting a linkup with the top 5 photos of your kids from January-March. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share my favorites from the first months of 2011. It was tough to choose just five!

20110304-IMG_0120.jpg  110126-IMG_7975.jpg110219-IMG_0135.jpg


NapTime MomTog


Also, you might have noticed things look just a tad different around here! ;) I won a blog makeover from the talented Jhen at From Here to Eternity (thanks to Naptime Momtog for hosting the giveaway). I’m in the process of cleaning up some stuff (organizing it so it is easier to find), but that isn’t completed just yet. Hope you like the new look!