Thursday, April 7, 2011

Precious Treasures


There are some things about children that are truly precious treasures. One of those things is the sweet innocence and peace of a child, especially when they are sleeping.


I love looking in on my children sleeping before I go to bed. At first, I looked in on Ella when she was a baby because I was paranoid, and I wanted to check her breathing. I wanted to make sure that nothing could hurt her while she slept. However, checking in on her evolved into something more – not only could I check on her to make sure she was safe, but I could also take a short moment to consider the blessing of children, and to think of the joy she has already brought into my life. I often smile when I go in and find her sleeping in an odd position or a sweet position;, or, now as I check on Troy also, smile when I see him sleeping in the exact same position I remember Ella sleeping in.



I don’t go in to check on the kids if I hear either of them stirring – I don’t want my presence to wake them up. I’m always a little sad when I don’t go in to check on them. I know that these moments will pass too quickly as life seems to do, and I want to cherish every one of them. I’m not ready for the day when I don’t go into to check on my sweet Ella and Troy.