Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taking a cue from my husband

My husband teaches me lots of things directly as well as indirectly. Recently, as I was watching how he interacted with Ella talking to her about the Bible, he taught me a valuable lesson about a very effective way to teach her.

I’ve been teaching Ella things about the Bible for a while now, but generally I’ve been taking a very structured approach. That’s not to say that my approach isn’t fun or isn’t geared towards a toddler, because it is – we sing songs and I teach her on her level trying to use fun things  for her – but it is definitely more structured. However, I’ve been watching my husband talk to Ella about, for instance, her Bible class, and I realized that in all my teaching I haven’t taken the time to actually have a conversation with her.

My husband’s conversations with Ella about the Bible are perfect for her. He holds her in his lap, and the time is solely devoted to having that conversation. I can tell that Ella knows that what is about to happen is important. She is intently focused on the topic at hand (lately it has been Noah). I can see the eagerness in her eyes. She wants to learn more, but also answer questions about what she knows – a true back and forth conversation. Ella is soaking up every minute of the conversation. I need to take the time everyday to have these kinds of conversations with Ella as well.

Watching my husband and Ella interact talking about the Bible is absolutely priceless to me – it has almost brought me to tears (happy ones!) a couple of times. I’m so thankful to be married to a Christian man who is teaching our children about spiritual things! I cannot wait to see how these conversations with Ella (and Troy!) progress and evolve as they grow up. I hope to be blessed with children who want to discuss spiritual things, and to have a desire for God’s Word.

In the photo below, my husband is talking to Ella about how he is about to leave to go on a Mission Trip to teach people the Bible. I love how he took the time to teach her about the importance of spreading God's Word.20110311-IMG_0469.jpg