Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy 25 Months Ella!

Wow! I’m still getting used to the fact that I have a 2 year old!

You bring a smile to my face everyday with something new you say. Recently you started saying “I need sumthin! (something)” which cracks me up! I love the conversations we have and I love that we can communicate . . . it really is such a blessing. You also continue to love to sing and dance. You often sing “Jesus Loves Me” to Troy and he’ll smile back at you. I must get this on video soon!


Your bed is quite the story. You must have monkey, baby monkey (a baby sock monkey), and Simba when you go to bed. On top of that, you must also have TWO blankets, and you must turn your music on, and pull a little toy that makes music for a minute. You certainly love your bedtime routine.


Your hair is wild, but pretty. It has beautiful curls that I keep thinking are going to fade, but I hope they don't! You love to have your hair put into a "pony" (pony tail) now that it is finally long enough without looking too silly.

110223-IMG_0274.jpg 110205-IMG_8405-2.jpg

You continue to charm everyone . . . all the college students we are around love you, and we are so thankful to have them in your life. You made quite the splash the retreat again this year. At the retreat you discovered the fun game of throwing things into the river, especially rocks. Now anytime we are near a river you insist on throwing a rock in.


I don't even know what to say about your personality. It is so special - easygoing, friendly - yet very certain of what you want and you like to tell us about it. For example, sometimes you insist I take your photo, as well as monkey's photo, and Troy's photo (like in the one below).


You are becoming more and more independent and insistent that you do things by yourself. I'm glad that you have the desire to get things done and to learn how to do things, but I'm also wary of it at times. I know it is part of the growing up process though.  I also know that it is only one of the many challenges and blessings that lay ahead.


 Ella @ 24 months