Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 6 Months Troy!

Wow, now that you have hit the 6 month mark I’m having a hard time keeping my mind focused off of the fact that you are halfway to a year old. Time flies way too fast!

You started playing in your jumperoo this month, and you really seem to enjoy it! The picture below was the first time you were in it – it looks like it swallows you up! Now you are much more stable as you play in it. I love watching you grow stronger and stronger every day.


I love your smile, and I love listening to you laugh. You love to fly in the air (be held up high), and I can almost guarantee a big smile when you fly in the air.110228-IMG_0371.jpg

You’ve always enjoyed singing, but this month I’ve also discovered that you enjoy listening to me read to you. I think you would be happy with anything where you could hear my voice (or other’s) talking to you.


You haven’t had a lot of solids yet, but you have started getting really excited about your food when I feed you. You wave your arms wildly and try to grab at the spoon.20110304-IMG_0129.jpg

You’ve been going to Bible class regularly now, and I think you enjoy the class for the most part. You still get tired towards the end, but it really is a long time for a baby to sit in a chair!20110307-IMG_0368.jpg

You are getting really good at grabbing things as well as holding things. In fact, you can even hold your own bottle now! You grab at almost anything . . . when I was taking your photos below you grabbed the grass, dirt, and blanket, and tried to put all of them in your mouth! 20110317-IMG_0595.jpg 20110317-IMG_0602.jpg