Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy 6 Months Annie!

The kids keep asking how many more months until you are one year old, and it is crazy to think you are already halfway there!

20160614-VW4A9553.jpg This month included lots of firsts, and many milestones showing how much you've really grown since you were born.

At the beginning of the month, you took your first flight and made your first trip to Disney. You did great on both flights! You also did well at Disney - generally only fussy when it was meal time for us (I think Murphy's law was in effect here!). You hung out in my Ergo carrier most of the time, and every now and then the stroller (though you weren't a huge fan of the stroller).  At Disney we got you a Minnie Mouse pillow pet . . . although you are still too little to have Minnie in your bed, you really liked it and were pretty cute playing with it.

During our time at Disney, you sucked on your thumb a few times, and I was sure it meant you would become a thumb-sucker. However, since then you've maybe only gotten your thumb once or twice and you seem MUCH more interested in sucking on your toes! You also continue to love to chew on your Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, and you've also enjoyed a new Aden and Anais lovie we recently got you.


You've become an expert roller in both directions, and can roll on any type of surface (including my lap!). We recently got a video monitor, and we watch you flip all around in your crib as you try to settle down to sleep. Amazingly, you often end up sleeping in the same end of the crib no matter where I put you down. We've officially transitioned you out of your rock n' play sleeper and into your crib this month. It wasn't easy at first, but I'm SO glad we've made the transition. You fall asleep fairly easily most times when I put you in your crib. Although you still don't sleep very well through the night, you have started taking MUCH better naps now that you are in your crib. I think it really helps to be removed from all the distractions (also known as your siblings)!


You've really started loving solid foods this month as well. You've liked pretty much anything we've given you including green beans! You didn't love carrots the first time I gave them to you, but I haven't tried them again. You've also gotten pretty good at picking up puffs, and are fairly content to sit in your high chair and attempt to get them in your mouth. :) As is evidenced by the fact that you can pick up puffs, you've gotten really great at grabbing things, including my phone!


Your core strength continues to amaze me! You are doing well at sitting up - I'd say your skills are somewhere between tripod sitting and full-on unassisted sitting. We had Vacation Bible School this month, so you got lots of practice in your chair for Bible class, and you do a really good job sitting in the chair. The hardest part is when you got excited or sad because you start throwing yourself around and you don't have good stability then. You started playing in your jumperoo this month, and you like it pretty well although you aren't interested in hanging out in it for long periods of time.


You continue to love to be talked to, and have really been enjoying lots of daddy tickles this month. It is easy to make you laugh, and we love the bright smile you show. You have two cute dimples that peek out when you grin big, and you even have a dimple up by your temple on one side. You are too cute!


You are still small  - in fact at your 6 month appointment, you'd only gained 4 oz. from your 4 month appointment coming in at a whopping 13 lbs. 10 oz. (10 %). I was concerned, but your pediatrician reassured us that you were dong a good job growing because both your head and length had grown showing that your bones were growing well. Your bottom two teeth have yet to poke through, but I think they could pop through any day now.

Playing with Ella

Phantom "sucking"

Annie @ 5 (and 4) months
Luke @ 6 months
Troy @ 6 months
(I didn’t start writing these monthly posts for Ella until she was 17 months old)