Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy 4 (and 5) Months Annie!

I sat down when you were about 4 1/2 months old to write your four month post, but was never able to finish it . . and now you are already almost 5 1/2 months old! I feel like the past couple of months have been a complete whirlwind that included lots of traveling, lots of sickness (everyone but you!), more traveling, and Focal Point. I've also neglected taking many non-phone photos these past couple of months, but I plan to get back to actually taking photos now that we should be slowing down some. And, speaking of pictures, Luke managed to lose your 5 month sticker, so I don't have any "official" 5 month photos.


I feel like kids have a sixth sense about needing/wanting something when parents are right in the middle of doing something important, and you are no exception to the rule. I have felt like countless times over the past month you've been content, and the moment I go to work on anything important, you call me back. Even when I first started writing this post, when you'd been contently sitting next to me in your bumbo for a while, you started fussing when I started typing. :)


At your four month appointment, you weighed 13 lbs. 6 oz. and were in the 25% for weight. Even though you are only in the 25%, you have the cutest little (or not so little!) rolls on your legs and around your wrists. You are a petite girl, and people often comment that you look like a doll in my arms.

You love when people talk to you, and you love to coo and talk back. You might be our biggest talker yet (and if so, we're in trouble!)! You've slowly become much easier to soothe/make content over the past couple of months when we play or talk to you. You love when your brothers and sister talk and play with you.


You went to bible class for the first time during the past month. You did pretty well, and I expect that you will really come to love class as you get a little older and used to the routine.

You have a lot of core strength, and often do what I call "baby sit-ups" when you sit in my lap. At your four month appointment, the pediatrician was quite surprised at how stable you were sitting up (you can't sit up alone yet, but you were very stable). When you sat in the chair in the cradle roll table, I was amazed at how well you did - you were more stable than I remember any of your siblings being at your age.

You've been teething for a while now, and at one point I thought your two bottom teeth had poked through, but if they did, they've gone back down. I can feel the "bumps" for your teeth though, and I won't be surprised if they actually come through any day now.

You finally started rolling (around 4 1/2 months old). You rolled from your back to your front first, but I think that is mostly because you HATE tummy time, and don't tolerate laying on your tummy for long. A few times I've laid you in your crib, and you've flipped yourself to your tummy which causes you to cry.
You started eating solids around 4 1/2 months old. You've had baby cereal, carrots, squash, and avocado. You really like squash and avocado, and you get SO excited when I feed you a bite that you often knock the spoon away with your hands.

You love your Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, and can sometimes be soothed by holding or chewing on them. You've gotten pretty good at grasping items. You still aren't sleeping well at night, and I long for a good night's rest! I know it will come (eventually!). You learned how to escape your swaddle sack, and though I was dreading not swaddling you at night, you've handled the transition out of swaddling at night pretty well. You are also not a great napper - you'd rather cat nap all day than take a real nap. We're working on that too. :) Speaking of sleeping, one day I sat you in your bumbo (wide awake!) while I went to put the boys down for naps. When I came back to get you (less than 5 minutes later), I could hear a soft snoring. You had fallen asleep in your bumbo! I still don't know how you could sleep like that.

Oh, and I almost forgot . . .  I haven't gotten a great picture of it, but you suck on your toes sometimes! It is too funny!

Annie @ 3 months
Luke @ 4 months and 5 months
Troy @ 4 months and 5 months