Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Meet My Dad" by Ella and Troy

Happy Father's Day! We are so blessed by Trent in our family. I am also blessed by my father, and the love and guidance he has shown me throughout the years.


I've been completing this interview about Dad from Ella and Troy for a few years now. Their answers are always telling and entertaining! I originally found this interview on Pinterest
  • What is Daddy’s name? 
    • Ella: Trent
    • Troy: Trenton
  • What does Daddy do for fun?
    • Ella: I think he likes to play with us
    • Troy: Play with us
  • What does Daddy do at work?
    • Ella: He. . .  let me think. He studies with students; he helps people learn about the Bible.
    • Troy: Works on his computer
  • What are his favorite things to eat?
    • Ella: Brisket, jalapeƱo, a lot of things with onions
    • Troy: JalapeƱos, onions
  • What does he like to drink?
    • Ella: Diet Dr. Pepper and sometimes coke, and sometimes regular Dr. Pepper
    • Troy: Dr. Pepper
  • How old is Daddy?
    • Ella: Hmm . .  let me think. 33
    • Troy: 33
  • Where did you and Daddy meet?
    • Ella: Whenever you borned me
    • Troy: That's hard to tell
  • How long have you know Daddy?
    • Ella: For 7 and about half years
    • Troy: 1000 days
  • How tall is Daddy?
    • Ella: About 10 ft.
    • Troy: Taller than that, a little bit taller than that (reaching his arms way up high), 6 ft. tall. Wait is he that tall? Is he 2 ft. tall?
  • What is Daddy’s hair like?
    • Ella: Bald, pretty much and then he has little dots on his hair area.
    • Troy: No hair
  • How much does Daddy weigh?
    • Ella: Hmm . .that's hard. Let me think for a minute. Much more than me.
    • Troy: Huh, 10 lbs. Does he really weigh 10 lbs. pounds? How much does he weigh?
  • What makes Daddy the best?
    • Ella: Having fun and playing with us.
    • Troy: Letting us watch a movie.
  • What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
    • Ella: Have a day together and have fun.
    • Troy: Play with him