Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy 19 Months Luke!

Every month that passes, you show how "big" you are getting, and this moth was no exception. You are a month closer to two years old, and you let us know every day that you are really a little boy.

You really do enjoy your toys, and one of your favorites is the "gumball" machine below. You like to put all sorts of toys inside it, and then get them out (or get us to get them out!). You also really enjoy playing with your cars.
20150311-IMG_1222.jpg 20150323-IMG_1228.jpg 20150323-IMG_1235.jpg
This year was your first opportunity to really hunt eggs at Easter. You loved it! It is right up your alley because you love to put things into containers, so putting the eggs in the basket was an easy and fun task for you! You also enjoyed eating the candy inside the eggs. :)
20150404-IMG_1889.jpg 20150404-IMG_1893.jpg
You continue to love to sing, and this month you've gotten even more vocal. When "Let it Go" comes on in the car, you literally yell "GO" at the appropriate times. You get SO excited and you are incredibly enthusiastic about singing. Untitled
You started coloring this month. I don't know what it is about coloring, but seeing you do that really made me think about how big you are getting. Your speech continues to remind me how big you are getting as well. You say so many things, and you respond to us (even when we ask you to do things in Spanish sometimes!). Untitled
You also learned how to climb into our chairs on onto our couch this month. You are SO proud once you get in the chair or on the couch. Once you get up there, you often want to stand, so it has been a little bit of a trying time as we remind you that you can't stand up in the chair or on the couch. You love sitting with your siblings, especially Ella (probably because she doesn't get in your face as much as Troy does). Troy wears on your nerves at times, I think partially because he really loves to give hugs and kisses, and you don't seem to care for that very much.Untitled
One of your absolute favorite things to do is to "wrestle" with Daddy, Ella, and Troy. In fact, you'll even try to initiate it if someone is sitting on the floor by going and jumping on them. You also like to try to play hide and seek, and you will also try to play duck-duck-goose. I got a video of you trying to play duck-duck-goose below.

Luke playing duck duck goose from Lisa Kennedy on Vimeo.

Signs you do: more, finished, thank you, hungry, thirsty, please, sleepy

Body parts you can identify: nose, ears, mouth, eyes (I'm sure you can probably identify more, but I didn't do a good job noting it)

Animal noises you make: cow, (I think you can do more, but I didn't take good note. . . .)

Favorite foods: Yogurt, chicken (especially chicken nuggets/strips), nutrigrain bars, donuts, mac and cheese, and foods you get to eat with a fork

Favorite activities/toys: Books, balls, little figurines (like Mickey Mouse), cars, buckle stuffed lion. You love to "put things in things" as well as throwing. You also love to play chase with the other kids. You like to chase after Reeses as well, but she's not to sure about that. : ) You also enjoy shutting doors and drawers. You also love to play peek-a-boo! You really love singing as well! One of your favorite things to do is to "wrestle" with your dad and siblings.

Words you say: I cannot keep up with the words you say anymore! You say so many things!

Luke @ 18 months

Troy @ 19 months
Ella @ 19 months