Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy 18 Months Luke!

Each day that passes reminds me just how big you are getting. The 18 month mark also reminds me that you really aren't a baby anymore, but fully toddler in all that you do. You can still show your very serious face, but you've also got an amazing grin that you love to flash at us. Sadly, I did not take many pictures this past month. :(

You love, love to play with buckles. You are greatly entertained when we go out to eat, and the high chair has a buckle you can play with. You also love the buckle lion toy (called a Buckleyboo). Unfortunately, you can't unbuckle the buckles yet, but you have a great big sister who loves to help you out. :)

You've had an explosion in your communication this past month. You've started saying many, many more words (I can't even keep track of them all anymore). You also finally decided you'd sign the words we've been trying to get you to sign for months now! You've also been demonstrating a good understanding of both English and Spanish. Our entire family has been working towards becoming fluent in Spanish, and you've done a great job picking up on it. Though I'm not sure you say anything in Spanish (though I've been suspicious a few times), you definitely recognize and understand phrases such as when we ask you if you are hungry or for you to say please in Spanish.20150305-IMG_1130.jpg

You continue to be a very busy baby, often running wherever you go. You are into everything, and you can be very stubborn about getting into whatever it is you want. You are slowly getting better about not throwing a fit when we tell you no, but you still don't like to be told no (who does??).

You are getting somewhat better about not being quite so picky with food, and I think a large part of that is that you love to get to use a fork. You do a GREAT job with your fork (sometimes better than Troy it seems!).20150306-IMG_1131.jpg

You really love to play with balls, and you've really enjoyed your new basketball goal. You're pretty good at it too!

Luke basketball from Lisa Kennedy on Vimeo.

You continue to love to sing, and you've gotten even better at singing and doing the motions to your favorite song over the past month ("Read Your Bible and Pray Everyday"). You also do some of the signs to the song "My God is So Big."

Luke singing from Lisa Kennedy on Vimeo.

You also finally made an animal noise! It was so funny - you walked into the room with a cow saying "moo!" when you hadn't ever done it before with us.

The cow goes moo from Lisa Kennedy on Vimeo.

Signs you do: more (you finally started doing the sign correctly!), finished, thank you, hungry, thirsty, please, sleepy

Body parts you can identify: nose, ears, mouth, eyes

Animal noises you make: cow

Favorite foods: Yogurt, chicken (especially chicken nuggets/strips), applesauce, nutrigrain bars, donuts, mac and cheese

Favorite activities/toys: Books, balls, little figurines (like Mickey Mouse), cars, buckle stuffed lion. You love to "put things in things" as well as throwing. You also love to play chase with the other kids, and you've added a new level of "fun" since you started walking. You like to chase after Reeses as well, but she's not to sure about that. : ) You also enjoy shutting doors and drawers. You also love to play peek-a-boo!

Words you say: You have had a huge explosion of words this month. It is hard to keep track of them all - but here are ones that you say most often: Mama, Dada, Eh-wa! (Ella), "anks" (thanks), "eeses" (Reeses), hi, bye, "inished" (finished), "ba" (banana), Rhu-Rhu (your grandma), Pop-pa (your grandpa), "pees" (please), "mah!" (more), uh-oh, yay, my (you yell this a lot, and we think you are trying to say "mine"), grow, go, God, baby

Luke @ 17 months
Troy @ 18 months
Ella @ 18 months