Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 19 Months Troy!

It is hard to believe how quickly you are approaching 2 years old! You still seem so young (I think because you are young compared to your older sister), yet also like you are getting so big!


You are quite the talker. You talk really fast, and though we understand a lot of what you say, you often talk so fast we don’t know what you are saying. You do speak in sentences . . . often it is something like “I want a cheez-it!” or “I need a bite!” (and, yes, you actually say “cheez-it”). You continue to do a good job communicating with us even if it isn’t with words.


You still aren’t a fan of car rides, but you are more content when we let you watch a movie. You LOVE watching “Finding Nemo.” When you get in the car you often say “Mo, Mo” (for “nemo”). You also are not a fan of going out to eat. We *think* maybe that you don’t like all the busy activity going on around you, combined with the fact that you can’t get down and “go!”


You really enjoy playing with bubbles. In fact, when you used to be sad when we would drop you off at Bible class, the teachers could easily distract you with the bubbles!


You’ve started becoming more interested in coloring/drawing, but it doesn’t hold your attention for long. You are quite the goofball – you love to get everyone’s attention by doing silly things. You are very interested in “things” – you are a hands on kind of guy. When I took your 18 month pictures, you collected a bunch of rocks and put them on the box I brought for you to sit on. You are also getting pretty good at putting these toy pegs we have together.


You continue to love playing with the dogs. You’ll chase both of them around, but Ali is patient enough to let you lay by her when you are sleepy. It is so sweet!


You got your first big bump on your head this month. You took it like a trooper though!



Signs you do: more, finished, milk, hungry, thank you, please, thirsty, sleepy, bath

Words you say: No way I can even count or name them! You say so many things!

Animal noises you make: chicken, duck, cow, dog {although you prefer to say “quack, quack!” the first time we ask you about most animal noises}

Body parts you identify: nose, eyes, mouth, ears, hair, head, hands, belly, teeth, tongue

Favorite foods: You are still a finicky eater in that one day you like something and the next you don’t. Generally, your favorites are banana, beans, cheese, and crackers (although the type of cracker changes . . . }

Favorite activities: walking (and pretty much running!) and exploring everything, especially following Ella or chasing a dog; reading books; watching Blue’s Clues or Finding Nemo; taking baths; playing with balls (you love to throw any kind of ball); playing outside; playing with toys, especially talking on the phone or putting things over your head or playing with the kitchen stuff; trying get any electronics or drinks you can spot.

Troy @ 18 months

Ella @ 19 months