Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drafting Dinner: Weekly Menu Planning

I've been a bit too slack in my menu planning lately (or perhaps actually executing the menus I have planned). Hopefully I'll be back on track this week!

  • Hurry up chicken pot pie
  • Chicken enchilada casserole
  • Sweet bacon chicken with a veggie and another side (I can't decide what!). I'm going to try to make a version of Paula Deen's sweet chicken bacon wraps - I love the brown sugar-bacon-chili combination, but these take forever to make (at least in my experience) so rather than making them as bites I'm going to try to do a variation using thinly slice chicken breasts.
  • Migas and beef fajitas. I love migas, but I've never actually attempted making them.
  • Homemade pizza