Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Goals

Last year, rather than “resolutions” I set many goals for myself. I was successful at completing many of the goals for at least some length of time, but I did not keep up with most of them. That’s why many of my goals for 2013 are the same as in 2012. And, although I’m not a fan of “resolutions” I know that I have truly resolve to make some serious changes in my life if I really want to see these changes.

Spiritual Goals:

  • Daily Bible Reading
  • Focused/Planned Bible Study
  • Write Bible study lessons (and execute them) for the kids.
  • Start using the Scripture Memory System with the kids (and me!)
  • Develop a deeper prayer life.
  • Make an effort to encourage brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Always be ready and eager to share the gospel.

House Goals:

  • Get the house organized, and purged of excess junk at the beginning of the year.  I did this last year, but I need to do it again! It is amazing how much junk builds up over time and also how much stuff you kept last year that you realize you don’t need this year.
  • Have a garage sale (sooner rather than later).
  • Keep up with Flylady’s daily assignments to help keep the house in a manageable state.
  • Handle papers (mail, or otherwise) when they come into the home, rather than just piling them up to handle later.
  • Get one “house” project done each month (paint the front door, repair the floor, etc.)

Health Goals:

  • Get back into a regular cardio routine even if it just means pushing the stroller around the block.
  • Gain strength and endurance.
  • Continue on a path of healthy eating. Compared to a year ago, I have a much healthier eating lifestyle; however, I’m still not where I want to be.

Family goals:

  • Eat at home more often. This is something that definitely seems to waver with the season. The holidays kills our routine, but hopefully I’ll be back on track soon with more cooking at home.
  • Stick to our budget, and look for ways to save more.
  • Foster a good relationship between the kids (teaching them about sharing, patience, kindness, etc.)
  • Get outside more with the kids.
  • Cook a hot breakfast for the family at least once a week.


  • Learn more about off-camera flash.
  • Learn more about Adobe Photoshop.
  • Work on posing.
  • Learn more about graphic design.


  • Exhibit more patience towards everyone, but especially my husband and children.
  • Work on time management, including getting up at a more consistent time in the morning, and going to bed earlier in the evening.
  • Spend less time on the computer.
  • Finish reading Bringing Up Girls and Bringing Up Boys.
  • Re-read Your Mama Don’t Dance.
  • Read A Well-Trained Mind and Home Education as well as start doing serious research/planning on making a decision about homeschooling