Monday, January 14, 2013

“Daddy cut my hair!”

Back in November Troy's hair was starting to get a bit ragged.


We personally like his hair to be neat and short, and Trent and I had discussed that he would just buzz his head when we officially decided it was time for the  hair cut. One day when Ella and I were out shopping, I got a call from Trent telling me that he had successfully cut Troy’s hair. I was SHOCKED because I thought it would take both of us to hold him during the process, but Troy actually cooperated with Trent.

However, the haircut wasn’t exactly what I had imagined. It was, uh, a bit shorter. I also didn’t realize how blonde his hair is (which made him look almost bald!). (please ignore the poor quality cell phone pic)

IMG_3739 (1).jpg


Everyone we saw was shocked by his hair, and, of course, rubbed his head and asked him who cut his hair. He’d say, “Daddy cut my hair!”

Although it was shorter than I expected, his little buzzed head was pretty cute, especially after it grew out some.

121121IMG_0445.jpg 121123IMG_0671.jpg 121219IMG_2134.jpg

It has grown out quite a bit now, and he even needs a trim. :) The other day I was playing a game with him to get him to identify some of his body parts. When I pointed to his hair he said, "Daddy cut my hair!"