Thursday, October 4, 2012

Parenting from Proverbs: Correction is a blessing

Proverbs 29:17:

Correct your son, and he will give you rest;
Yes, he will give delight to your soul.

Today’s passage falls in line with both my thoughts about Proverbs 19:18 and Proverbs 23:13-14. As a parent, I must not neglect my responsibility and blessing of correcting my children. I think of correcting and disciplining my children as a blessing not because I enjoy correcting them or disciplining them, but rather because it gives me the opportunity to mold them and guide them; ultimately, to mold them in accordance with God’s Word. I’m thankful for the mission field that God has placed in my home, and my desire is that I do all I can to show them God and how to be obedient to Him. That blessing is further examined in Proverbs 29:17 – that “he [your son] will give you rest; yes, he will give delight to your soul.” Why would a child that has been corrected give rest and delight to a parent’s soul? Because, hopefully, that correction has led them toward a path of righteousness rather than a path of sin.

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