Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 9 Months Troy!

Happy 9 months Troy!

You are quite the little boy! You love to stick things in your mouth; in fact, you are constantly searching for something to grab to put in your mouth whether it is grass, Ali’s fur, a straw in one of our drinks, or Ella’s book. You give us a good challenge because we have to make sure everything is out of your reach!


Although you haven’t been that vocal (unless you count crying) up until this point, the month you suddenly decided to babble up a storm. You talk and talk and talk! I am pretty surprised because Ella talks enough for both of you! Smile You said your first word this month: dada! You still haven’t said mama, but you most definitely know who I am! One Sunday you were really vocal during services. Many folks commented on how talkative you were . . . hopefully you weren’t too much of a distraction! The day you turned 9 months old,  you signed “more” for the first time.


You really love your people, and you don’t like when anyone leaves the room (especially me!). The older you have gotten, the more you have enjoyed playing with Ella. Y’all tolerate each other well, especially considering how young you both are. I love watching y’all play and laugh together. Ella loves to go get you up from your naps. When she hears you peeping over the monitor she asks with great enthusiasm “Can I go talk to Troy?” She even brings books into your room to read to you when she goes to get you up.


You love to be outside, and, just like Ella, you can be very sad, but quickly have a mood change when we take you outside. Too bad it is SO hot these days!


You are really little (0th percentile for weight and 5th percentile for height), but the doctor said you are very strong. You are really difficult to hold at times because you are SO wiggly. You might get that from your mom. Winking smile 


You started crawling this month. You get up on your hand and knees and rock, then lunge forward and belly flop. You have gotten quite fast at your “inchworming” Although you still need assistance to stand, you seem very strong when you hold my fingers to stand or stand in your walker.


Troy inchworming from Lisa on Vimeo.

Troy @ 8 Months