Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 10 Months Troy!

Every month seems to fly by faster than the month before! I cannot believe you are already 10 months old . . . so close to a year already!

Your personality really continues to grow! It amazes me how much difference I can already see between your personality and Ella’s personality. You are both so precious in your own way!

You love being outside (even though it really hot outside!). In fact, you can be incredibly sad and tired (to the point of crying), and we can take you outside and you’ll instantly calm down. You love for your daddy to swing you and throw you up in the air. You are pretty funny when your dad throws you up because you curl up almost in a ball on the way back down!


You love Ella, and I love watching y’all interact. You aren’t too happy if she takes your toy away (we’re working on that on her part), but she almost always brings a smile to your face.110703IMG_7165.jpg

You still inchworm around, and it is so funny to watch! You don’t try to crawl in a traditional manner – you just inchworm/bellyflop. You are getting really fast though, and you love to explore. I think you must have good eyesight because you are constantly going after the little leaf or stick on the ground to put it in your mouth. Your legs are getting stronger everyday, and I’m already making bets that you’ll walk before Ella did (she didn’t walk until she was 14 1/2 months old).


You finally started sleeping through the night this month, and you have also been taking more consistent naps. It sure has been nice! ; ) You still aren’t fond of the car, although sometimes you’ll be happy if you have a toy. I’m really hoping you get past your car issues soon. It makes trips (long or short), pretty miserable at times.


You have been loving swimming. The first time we put you in the pool, you immediately flopped onto your belly and tried to crawl (except you were almost underwater!). You did that several more times after we kept sitting you up! It was pretty funny. You love to splash and play with Ella in the pool.


You went to your first Family Bible School this month. You did pretty well even though most of the classes started about the time you like to be in bed when we’re at the house!


I haven’t gotten a good photo of it yet (I’m determined to get one!), but you have the cheesiest smile at times. It cracks me up! You also love to screech when you get excited or happy about something.


Troy @ 9 Months