Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy 8 Months Troy!

Wow, things have been very busy lately. I’m quite late with getting this post written, but I’m finally getting around to it!

Happy 8 Months Troy! I know I say it a lot, but it is amazing how quickly the time passes. A year ago at this time I was limping around Washington D.C., pregnant with you, thinking that although I was in pain it would be worth it all to have you. And now, here you are, already 8 months old!


You’ve gotten really good at eating your puffs . . . although last month you didn’t like the banana ones, you have finally come around to liking banana OK.  You’ve been eating more and more baby food, and so far you like it all. I’m thankful you aren’t a picky eater . . . at least not yet!


I love your laugh! Your sister and dad are great at making you laugh. I love seeing you and your sister play on the floor. One day Ella was playing “catch” with you by rolling the ball across the floor to you, and then running to get it, and rolling it back to where she’d been standing previously. Y’all were both having a blast and laughing hard! You are also very, very ticklish. 20110429-IMG_2271.jpg

You LOVE to grab things, and your newest mission is to try to grab our Sonic cups. You also try to grab Ella’s cups at times. You must know there is something good inside those cups!


You learned to sit up on your own this month. You never did tripod sit – you just went straight from not sitting to sitting up. You are also getting close to crawling, but you are not crawling yet. You can turn a mean circle on the floor though, and you can make your way slowly around the room. You still love to jump in your jumperoo.


Your first tooth finally broke through . . . I think it had been bothering your for quite sometime. I really  hope all your teeth don’t bother you like that one little tooth did. I don’t like seeing you in pain!

We love you very much!