Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Troy!

Happy Birthday Troy!

Wow, I really cannot believe you are a year old!

When Ella turned a year old, I commented that I had become a better person because of having her in our lives. I can say the same thing about you being in my life. I am so thankful  for the blessing that you have been and continue to be in my life.



I love how you are a snuggly baby when you are sleepy. I love how the song “Jesus Loves Me” calms you unlike any other song. I love how you like the company of others, and hate when anyone leaves your sight. I love  your face and laugh when your dad gets a “Troy snack” and cuddles and tickles you at the same time. I love how when you are really sleepy and I am in the process of laying you down, you stick your thumb in your mouth before you even hit the crib. I also love how you immediately roll over and tuck your legs under you when you hit the crib.  I love how you can get your point across without even knowing many real words. I love how you smile and laugh at your sister. And, I could go on, and on, and on.







This month you have really seemed like you’ve grown up quite a bit. About a  week before you turned one, you finally learned to crawl properly (rather than just bellyflop/inchworm). You are getting better and better at pulling up and cruising along the furniture. You attempted to take one step without holding onto anything, and you fell flat on your face, but you didn’t seem to care. You’ve figured out how to push my barriers out of your way. You sit on your knees a lot, and I think it is funny. You’ve started throwing things out of your crib.   Although we haven’t transitioned you off the bottle yet, I think you are ready for it. You don’t seem that attached to it, and you often throw it aside (Ella would carry it around with her everywhere). You learned how to do “touchdown” and you also put your arms up to “grow” when we sing “Read your Bible and pray everyday.”

Sign you do: more

Words you say: Dada, Mama, and something that sounds kinda like Ella : )

Favorite Food: banana, whatever everyone else is eating (you always want what everyone has)

Favorite Activities: crawling and exploring everything, especially following after your sister; trying to get any electronics or drinks you can spot : )